Op-Ed: ‘Toward a balanced US-Japan relationship’

The following is text from an op-ed by Glen S. Fukushima published March 8, 2014, in the Nikkei Asian Review. A curious aspect of contemporary U.S.-Japan relations is the strong preference of the Japanese establishment (the Liberal Democratic Party, government bureaucracy, business community, and much of the mass media) for Republicans over Democrats. This was not always […]

The Power of Japanese Women

Japan’s historic victory in the Women’s World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany, on July 17 stunned the world. The news brought to mind several aphorisms: “Expect the unexpected” (since almost everyone had predicted that the United States, ranked number one in the world, would win); “There’s always the first time” (since Japan’s record against the U.S. […]

Profile in Nikkei Heritage, a Journal of the National Japanese American Historical Society

This article by Ben Hamamoto was originally published in Vol. XIX, Number 1, Spring 2008 issue of Nikkei Heritage, a journal of the National Japanese American Historical Society. © 2008 National Japanese American Historical Society In mid-January of 1994, President Bill Clinton received a 14-page paper on his desk entitled, “Repairing the U.S.-Japan Relationship.” The […]